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Iowa Hill Bridge

The Roads Where It All Started

This is Our Home
The Back Roads of Placer County

Colfax, CA
The Bear Cub

At just under 35 miles, this all road route offers the perfect challenge for riders who are not yet ready for the bigger routes but who still want to join in on the big event!
Ride through the Bear River Canyon as you make your way up to the gold mining town of Colfax, before dropping back down to the City of Auburn.
Sugar Pine Reservoir
Iowa Hill Bridge
The Black Bear

Our long road race for PGF. Drop down to the American River and climb up one of the toughest road climbs in California on Iowa Hill Road. Continue on passing through the old gold mining town of Iowa hill and the scenic Sugar Pine Reservoir. Catch a ride down Foresthill road before the last big climb of the day from the tallest bridge in California.
The Brown Bear

This may be our shorter gravel route but it's definitely no easy task! The routes drops into the scenic American River Canyon then climbs up to the high alpine lake of Sugar Pine Reservoir where the pavement ends and wild west begins. Ride through the historic town of Foresthill before dropping back into the American River Canyon to climb back up to the finish.
The American River
The Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly is the biggest and most fierce of all the Powless Gran Fondo rides! Reaching higher in elevation and views looking over the Middle Fork American River Canyon and the Crystal Range of the Sierra Nevada. This route offers the all of the best gravel experience that Placer County has to offer!

The Powless Gran Fondo
KOM/QOM Segments

Nielson Powless KOM

Every rider in the Grizzly/Brown/Black Bear routes will get timed for the KOM/QOM coming out of Iowa Hill Bridge.

Don't think you have what it takes to compete for the KOM/QOM?
Sit up and enjoy the epic views of the American River Canyon or still go for time and see where you stand!

Photo credit: Ashley Gruber & Jered Gruber | Gruber Image


Can you go for the

KOM Crown

The Powless Gran Fondo
Aid Stations

PGF Aid Stations.png

Water Station 1: Mineral Bar
Grizzly/Brown/Black: Mile 19.48

Water Station 2: Iowa Hill
Grizzly/Brown/Black: Mile 25.9

Feed Zone 1: Sugar Pine
Grizzly/Brown/Black: Mile 33.2

Water Station 3: China Wall
Grizzly: Mile 49.3/63.9

Feed Zone 2: Ponderosa
Grizzly: Mile 85.8
Brown: Mile 53.3

The Powless Gran Fondo
is brought to you by:

County of Placer
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